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Jianer Factory is Very Busy

  December 2021, Jinjiang, China-December is one of the busiest months for production, and China’s Spring Festival will soon be celebrated in one month. The Spring Festival is the most grand festival in China. The coming of the Spring Festival not only means a reunion celebration, but for production, it also means a shutdown of about one month. Therefore, before the Spring Festival, production is the busiest time.

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  Jianer factory in December was very busy, and the production orders were full. The orders received are currently scheduled to May 2022. Every worker on the production line is working hard and earnestly for production, and the production machine is also making the sound of busy work. The development room is also racing against time to develop and produce new product samples for customers to prepare for orders for the new year. Salesmen and new and old customers plan orders for the new year. The sooner you place an order, the sooner the production and delivery date can be scheduled… Every employee in Jianer factory is busy.

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  Jianer Factory has new development in 2021. We have in-depth cooperation with our old customers, we have also cooperated with more new customers, opened up the European and American markets, and designed and developed more new styles of shoes. In the past year, we have gained more understanding of the industry and the market, and gained more business opportunities and fashion trends from market feedback, and injected them into the products we developed.

  We are mainly engaged in sports shoes, sneakers, casual shoes, running shoes, we have more than 5000 samples,We support samples and customized shoes services.We set reasonable factory prices and provide high-quality products.If you are interested in customized shoes, you can contact us. We look forward to more new customers to cooperate with us.

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Post time: Dec-10-2021